Sustainability, nature conservation and local community first: The encouraging philosophy of the Par

Das Luxus-Resort Park Hyatt Mallorca auf Mallorca

Yep, Sustainability is a trend nowadays. So is nature conservation and local community-support. So, Park Hyatt Mallorca: How to explain a village-like resort in the middle of a nature reserve? How to communicate with the locals, how to cooperate with the nearby farmers? Read our thrilling interview with Expert Laura Silio (Park Hyatt Mallorca).

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NICE ONE Places: Sustainability is a huge trend nowadays. Does the Park Hyatt use solar energy or is anything like that planned for the near future? Are there any special processes in the hotel which are saving energy?

Laura Silio: There are some exterior lamps that use solar energy. We also use electric cars for all of our transportation, including hotel buggys and electric vans, and we have electric charging stations in our parking area. We also have a very extensive recycling program, and send all of our recyclable waste material to the Tirme recycling and processing plant. A big van from the Capdepera town hall comes to pick up different recyclable materials at different times on different days. Example: Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays is for glass, every day organic waste is picked up, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday is for plastic… and so on.

Every guestroom has a tablet device. This way, we can communicate with guests and provide them with all the necessary information, and thus avoid too much printing.

I was told that you want to cooperate with the local famers: Which kind of farmers did you approach, why did you choose especially them? Where are these farmers based? The food they deliver - is it just local or also organic food?

We have a wide range of suppliers. We prefer that they are small local farms but we also rely on larger suppliers in order to assure an unceasing supply. Regarding the smaller farms, we select them for proximity and for their ability to provide us with the products we need regularly. One of the farms is Pedro Villalonga. This farm supplies organic food. However, we also collaborate with Agromart in Artà, which offers a lot of organic produce in addition to the more simple local products that are not organic certified.

Are you planning an own cultivation and production for some products in the near future?

We have many fruit trees planted at the resort that are growing very fast, and are already providing us with fresh fruit: quinces, oranges, lemons, figs, cherries, almonds, madrones, olive trees, pear trees and pomegranates to name just a few. We also have many herbs growing: rosemary, thyme, mint, majoran, lavender, oregano. For now, we have no plans to grow other farm products such as tomatoes etc. as it is very labor intensive, but it could be something to look at in the future.

There are so many food intolerances around - how are you prepared to solve this „problem“?

We mainly use local organic and sustainable products at the hotel, sourced from neighboring farms and fishing ports, but we use local suppliers the most. We are prepared for all food intolerances: our chefs are informed of these matters and can adapt all recipes. We offer a vegan and vegetarian menu at every restaurant and inform guests about what ingredients the dishes contain. Our waiters ask if there are any intolerances, and if there are, the chef can easily adapt the menu to suit.

The local community: Besides the farmers - are there any other connections to the people in this area?

We have an extensive plan to collaborate with the local community. In fact, on 24 March, we have an event in which we are inviting all DMCs and agencies and all local businesses (cycling, adventure, gourmet products etc.) to meet each other and discover what this area has to offer. When we organize groups and media visits, we take them to the local shops and local markets to immerse themselves in the culture.

We have contact with olive wood carpenters (Olivart), pottery makers (Terra Cuita), textile makers (Textils Vicens), sea salt (Salt Es Trenc), local artists (Norbert Schäfer and Barbara Radinger to name two) and the handcraft brand ‘Marca D’Artà’ which is a collaboration with local artists, jewelry and baskets makers. This cooperation has a shop in Artà and also offers experiences for our groups and guests, such as a local herb-making class, homemade marmalade workshop, leather-making workshop, traditional Mallorcan basket-making workshop…

How did you embrace the local community - Capdepera, Arta, Canyamel etc? How did you convince the local community to welcome the huge changes in the „neighborhood“?

We have created a local “Ambassador” program which provides benefits to the residents in Mallorca (discounts in our restaurants etc). We communicate our recycling and environmental plans. We also launch offers for the residents so that they can come to meet and get to know us.

As far as I know the Park Hyatt is placed in the middle or next to a nature reserve. Are you in contact with the people responsible for it? Are you even engaged in nature conservation?

We have a local government contact who is in charge of protecting the nature reserve. Our focus is on “educating” our guests of the fact that the area around us is a nature reserve, and therefore we do communicate to them the DO’s and DO NOTs. As far as being engaged in nature conservation, our Human Resources department has plans for this summer to participate in community jobs such as cleaning the beach.

Is the Water of the Pool cleaned up with chlorine - or with one of these new oxygen/electrolyse-techniques?

The pool is treated with salt electrolysis techniques (to separate sodium and chloride).

This small river, running through the area of the Park Hyatt Mallorca, is shut down during the night.

The small River in the Park Hyatt – I realized that it is really „shut down“ at night …

During nighttime, all water fountains, including the small river, stop. This is both to save energy and to ensure that the place is more peaceful.

Meanwhile a lot of guests recommend rooms without WLAN and electrosmog/electric smog. Do you offer anything like that?

We adapt to fulfil all the wishes of our guests. We have never encountered a case like this before, but of course, depending on the case, we could study the possibility of removing all electronic devices from the rooms. However, we are not offering this right now.

Are Pets allowed?

Yes, pets weighing less than 8 kg are permitted. Our pet policy is available on our web page.

Do you offer E-Bikes?

JJust bikes, but we are able to refer guests to a cycling company that rents e-bikes.

Cap Vermell Beach Hotel - in how far are you using this connection/alliance?

Cap Vermell Beach Hotel is a different category of hotel. Guests can use their facilities (terrace and sun beds) and can ask their employees to call us in case they need a pick-up service or to return. This alliance is strong, as we have the same owners. However, we do not want to mention that the beach club is a collaboration with Park Hyatt Mallorca, due to the difference in categories. We would prefer to explain to them that they have this option, but will not sell it proactively as we do not want to not affect guests’ expectations.

The beach in Canyamel is already quite full during the summer. You won´t get a parking lot - and you´re lucky to find a „quiet“ place at the beach. How is the Park Hyatt approaching these issues? Are there shuttles to other beaches - like Cala Agulla or Son Moll in Cala Ratjada or even Cala Mesquida? (the way to Cala Torta is may be a little too rocky).

We offer a complimentary shuttle service that runs regularly during the day to take the guests to Canyamel beach. There are no shuttles available to other beaches. Most of our guests rent a car and if they do not, we can arrange private transfers or taxis.

A lot of trees which were growing next to the entrance-gateway were removed - they were stored / kept in a safe place and now planted again. Can u tell me something about the whole process?

The area where the hotel was built consisted of pine trees. Some parts were already deforested. We removed some of the pine trees to build the hotel. The area which was deforested has been converted into a public park where local tress have been planted, including almond and carob trees among others.

Could you also name the products you offer in your spa? Are these products natural cosmetics?

We have more than 400 different items from the following brands:

Gaia Natural Products: Gaia Natural products, which use sustainably and biologically grown flowers and herbs (in addition to olive and sweet almond oils) that are native to Mallorca. Gaia has developed its own original recipes to create natural solutions for skincare. They are based in Mallorca and grow all the ingredients for their products in their own bio garden.

ESPA: Natural organic products / essential oils for facials and body rituals.

La Ric: Salon products.

Leonor Greyl: They donate €1 from every purchase to help an association that cleans oceans worldwide. The story of Leonor Greyl began with the meeting of two passionate human beings: Leonor, a hair care and beauty fanatic, and Jean-Marie, an engineer and very keen botanist. Together, they shared a common desire to create natural hair care products long before the “bio” trend became a hit.

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